We offer you a small yet excellent selection of noble brandies. We pay particular attention to the freshness and intensity of the fruit. Naturally the pear and its variants are central. But you can also fully enjoy apricot, apple and plum. In addition to the fruit and southern atmosphere, the Walser GRAPPONO offers you enjoyment combined with down-to-earth perfection. At the same time we are always trying the new and special.

Traditional orchard apple 

Typical aromatic peel and core nose, delicate scent of green bananas, a slight smokey bouquet. The aromatic flavour of cooking apples on the palate.


Conference Pear 

The fragrance of fresh juicy pears. Delicate, enduring skin nuances. 


Williams Pear 

The fragrance of fresh, fully ripe pears. A full, broad pear aroma. 



The fragrance of freshly picked plums with green and chocolatey notes.

A typical plum aroma with a pleasant rocky tone. 



Clean apricot nose with bitter almond notes

Delicate enduring jam notes, with a pleasant finish.


Grappono - Muscatel Pomace 

A full, robust muscatel nose. Typical pomace aroma on the palate. 



Fresh scent of earthy carrot, carrot greens and roots. Broad earthy aromas reminiscent of the spicy heat of mustard oil.